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The Victoria Falls
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Discovery of the Victoria Falls
In Livingstone's Footsteps
Development of the Rhodesias
Development of the Railway
Development of Tourism
Development of Victoria Falls Town
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Footsteps Through Time - A History of Travel and Tourism to the Victoria Falls

To The Victoria Falls

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Livingstone Watercolour of the Falls

Poster of the Launch 'Ma Robert' Made when support was being canvassed for Dr.Livingstone's Zambezi expedition, by Thomas Baines, exhibited 1857

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1955 Article on flying game safaris in Victoria Falls Flight Magazine

Northern Rhodesia and Zambia - Photographs and Information from the Fifties and Sixties

Victoria Falls Tourist Information Brochures From Fifties and Sixties

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'To The Victoria Falls' aims to bring you the wonder of the Victoria Falls through a look at its natural and human history.

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