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Ecology of the Victoria Falls
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To The Victoria Falls

Ecology of the Victoria Falls

Butterflies of the Victoria Falls

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Species List

List in development - compiled from various sources and not exhaustive.

Fiery acraea Acraea acrita

Black-tipped acraea Acraea aglaonice

Broad-bordered acraea Acraea anemosa

Acraea spp Acraea anemosa (f. alboradiata)

Steaky tipped acraea Acraea atergatis

Scarlet acraea Acraea atolmis

Little Acraea Acraea axina

Black tipped acraea Acraea caldarena

Natal acraea Acraea natalica

White barred acraea Acraea encedon

Small orange acraea Acraea eponina

Dancing acraea Acraea tersichore

White-cluded acraea Acraea welwitschi

African Migrant Catopsilia florella

Large blue charaxes Charaxes bohemani

Lightning Charaxe Charaxes fulgurata

Blue spangled charaxes Charaxes guderiana guderiana

Scarce Savanna Charaxes Charaxes penricei penricei

Satyr charaxes Charaxes viola phaeus

Purple-tip, common voilet-tip Colotis ione

Queen violet-tip Colotis regina

African Monarch Danaus (Anosia) chrysippus aegyptius

Antheap white Dixeia pigea

Orange and Lemon Eronia leda

Guinea Fowl Hamanumida daedalus

Diadem Hypolimnas misippus

Bowker's sapphire Iolaus (Stugeta) bowkeri tearei

White-cloaked Skipper Leucochitonea levubu

Twilight (Evening) Brown Melanitis leda helena / africana

Cambride vagrant Nepheronia thalassina sinalata

Large striped swordtail Papilio antheus

Constantine swallowtail Papilio constantinus

Citrus swallowtail Papilio demodocus

Veined Swallowtail Papilio leonidas

Scarce White Lady swallowtail Papilio morania

Green-banded Swallowtail Papilio nireus lyaeus

Dark swordtail Papilio porthaon

White Lady swallowtail Papilio pylades corrineus

Bordered Buff Pentila nyassae

Pentila pauli obsoleta (f cataractae)

Spotted buff Pentila tropicalis

Zebra White Pinacopteryx eriphia eriphia

Gaudy commodore Precis octavia sesamus

Clouded Mother of pearl Salamis anacardii nebulosa

Natal barred blue Spindasis natalensis

Clouded flat Tagiades flesus

Arrowhead skipper Teniorhinus harona

Swamp Ringlet Ypthimomorpha itonia

Large Vagrant Nepheronia argia varia

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